Pricing, revenue sharing and reseller agreements

The district or school will need a valid license in order to use an extension. As a vendor you can easily enable this within your itslearning administration.

For commercial extensions, we charge a commission on sales to our customers, regardless if the sales are made by the supplier or itslearning.

Price is set by the supplier

The price is set by the supplier when the extension is being registered. We offer a back end system where different prices can be set per country. All customers are charged in their local currency.

We recommend annual licenses based on number of users. It can also be school licenses and more than one year. A customer signs up for a number of users or schools and get a discount based on this number.

Volume discounts

When you register your Extension you will be asked to fill in a discount matrix (screenshot). This makes it possible for us to make a price list for all extensions.

User-based volume discounts


School-based volume discounts

Revenue sharing

itslearning offer a generous revenue sharing model.

By integrating with the fastest growing learning platform in the market, your tools and content could be distributed to millions of users worldwide.

Only 15% of the revenues goes to itslearning, regardless if the supplier or itslearning is the seller.

itslearning as reseller

The vendor decides if they want itslearning to act as reseller. We offer a generous revenue sharing model. It is up to local itslearning subsidiaries to decide whether to actively sell the applications and plug-ins in different markets and segments.

Sales reports every month

For sales to our customers made by the supplier, the supplier will provide itslearning with a sales report so itslearning can invoice the supplier

When itslearning make a sale in a tender or bigger project, itslearning will provide the supplier with a similar sales report. On basis of that report the supplier invoices itslearning.