LTI 1.3 Core

LTI 1.3 Core focusses on the basic communication between the platform and the tool. A common use case would be to grant access to your tool, content or service without the need for the user to log in again. There are also several ways within LTI 1.3 Core that allow you to handle licenses

LTI Advantage

LTI Advantage is complementary to LTI 1.3 Core. It contains 3 optional extensions that generally speaking allow for a deeper integration with the itslearning platform:

LTI Advantage Extension


Example scenario

Names and Role Provisioning Services

Most commonly a tool is used within the context on an itslearning course. This is where one or more teachers offer a subject to students. With the extension Names and Role Provisioning Services the tool can ask itslearning who the members of the course are and what their role in this course is.

The main addition this service offers to LTI 1.3 Core is that you can also get an overview of the users that haven't launched to the tool yet.

  • The tool allows the teacher to group students and this should be done before the students launch the tool.
  • The teacher needs to assign licenses to individual students before these students can successfully launch the tool.

Deep Linking

The Deep Linking extension allows the tool to return a URL to itslearning which points to a unique resource on the side of the tool provider. This is the go-to extension if the tool allows the user to create or select content.

Currently itslearning only supports the Content Item Type 'LTI Resource Link' (

  • The tool offers ready-to-use exercises that the teacher can select and make available to their students.
  • The tool allows the teacher to create content, which is stored on the side of the tool provider and a URL to this content is returned to itslearning.

Assignment and Grade Services

The Assignment and Grade Services allow the tool to return progress or even a grade (or result) to itslearning. With the progress, the tool can interact with the task list of itslearning,

  • After the teacher has added the resource to the course it appears in the task list of the student. When the student is done with the resource the tool tells itslearning that the task is completed and it is removed from the list. Teachers can also see the progress of their student on the resource in various course reports, such as the 360 report.
  • The resource is a quiz with a maximum score of 100 of which the student got 70. This result is returned to itslearning and the teacher can decide to include the resource in the Gradebook of the course.

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