Are you a tool provider or publisher and are you looking for a way to offer your tool or content in itslearning, while keeping control over who can access it? This page will explain the different ways itslearning can be extended with 3rd party tools or services, using the international standard Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). 

You can make your tool available directly from within itslearning, or add your content to the itslearning Library.

About LTI

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is an international specification for LMS (and other systems) to securely with 3rd party tools or services. This open specification was developed by the 1EdTech (previously called IMS Global), an organisation that focusses exclusively on technical specifications for the educational segment. The LTI specification has been around for over a decade and the current version is LTI 1.3.

The benefit of supporting LTI is that vendors can use the same mechanism for integrate with multiple tools/platforms. LTI is common for education providers in many different countries. It is a open standard that anyone can use for free.

You can see a list of vendors who work with LTI 1.3 (and LTI Advantage) here: IMS LTI Certification

itslearning supports LTI versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.3. However versions 1.0 and 1.1 are deprecated by 1EdTech since the end of June 2022 ( so we strongly recommend LTI 1.3.

In this video to see LTI Advantage in action, where the teachers selects a resource within the tool and when a student works with this resource, a result is send back to itslearning:

Learn more:

Ways to extend itslearning

We offer 3 different ways to extend itslearning. Which ways is best suited for your tool or service will depend on the intended use.

The itslearning Library

The itslearning Library allows teachers - and optionally students - to search for resources. Publishers can import their resources into the Library, and for example use LTI to control who has access to their content.

Your tool in our App library

When your tool supports LTI it can be included in the itslearning App library. From here, an administrator can select and add the tool to make it available for the teachers and/or students of their organisation. It is possible to allow usage of your tool - or the content it gives access to - on organisation level, though it is also possible to work with user specific licenses.