LTI specifications and test tools

If you as a tool provider or publisher are new to LTI, here are a couple of resources that can help you on your way:



Further introduction to the LTI specification

Technical specification

Reference Implementation Test tool from IMS Global

Testing system for LTI.

Note that itslearning does not offer support on how to develop an LTI tool. Once you have confirmed that your tool is working as expected with for example saLTIre, the next step would be to add your tool to the itslearning App library.

LTI certification

We strongly recommend tools to get certified for LTI by 1EdTech. This reduces the chance of running into issues when trying to set up the tool in itslearning.

Discover the possibilities

If you still need to develop your LTI integration, it will be useful to discover the different ways you can integrate with itslearning, how you can handle licenses, best practices in the setup, etc.